Laravel Microservices -Event Driven Architecture with RabbitMQ

In this article you will learn how to create a simple Event-Driven Architecture app with Laravel and RabbitMQ. We will build a simple Microservices example with Laravel. As the backend we have two Laravel apps: Admin and Main, where they have their own MySQL database with different data.

They communicate with each other through RabbitMQ events, and in one case the Main app will internally call the Admin app to retrieve some data. Both Laravel apps will run through Docker.

Below you can see what this app looks like.

To check how this Microservice Architecture is created step by step, check the video below:

The frontend of this app can be built on Angular, React and VueJs. Below I have provided the links for them:

VueJS and Laravel Microservices:

React and Laravel Microservices:

Angular and Laravel Microservices:

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